Thursday, October 06, 2005


When making music mixes, try to not put two songs next to each other by performers of widely different talents. Once in some random music club purchase I got Jewel's first CD. I don't particularly like it as it is pretty apparent she doesn't have a lot of talent in songwriting, singing or guitar playing.

Anyway, on one of my minidisk folk music compilations Jewel's "Who Will Save My Soul?" is right before Beth Orton's "Pass In Time". The difference between them in terms of artistry and effectiveness is like the difference between LeRoy Nieman and Matisse...

I'm erasing the Jewel song right now. It's embarrassing.


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At 10:59 AM, Blogger Jim said...

Hmmm...I sense some sarcasm has been added into the spambot AI: "Great blog, keep up the good work." The final withering period just slams it all home. Oh, I dearly wanted an exclamation mark or even a smiley emoticon. But all I got was the period. The full-stop. Delivered in the dead-pan "can't bother to get enthused about one goddamn thing in this world" style. I can just about read the subliminal "whatever" or "knock yourself out" lurking underneath everything "you" write.

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...good luck with that...

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Holy cow. Those spammers did *not* like your snarky little comments. They fixed your little red wagon, didn't they? Raise funds! Raise funds! Organ transplant!

I wonder if the organ transplant guy is making any money.


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At 7:00 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

You're making me laugh!!! This is spam biz is goodness ala mode. Now you have to make the call whether to block them or keep the comedy a comin'.

BTW Jewel sucks. Good call!

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