Wednesday, May 05, 2004


KIRO-TV has done an investigation of the handicapped parking scofflaws that I wrote about in my Encyclopedia Kravitz blog a few weeks ago. Oh, I am in seventh heaven...this is so beautiful, here are some of the quotes from the miscreants who were caught:

Emerman: "How much money are you saving by cheating like this?"
Answer: "How much money am I saving? Whatever, you can kiss my a--?

Emerman: "Your placard is invalid."
Answer: "Get off my door s---!"

Emerman: "Are you the one that's disabled? Yeah, you certainly are well preserved."
Answer: "I have a very bad back."
Emerman: "You certainly are young looking."
Answer: "I'm 42."
Emerman: "Well, this placard is issued to someone who's 70."

Emerman: "Can we talk to you a minute about your disabled parking placard?"
Answer: "Yes. No."

She didn't want to talk to us. She even tried running away.

Emerman: "Ma'am, it's registered to a 40-year-old man."
Answer: "It's my husband's. He's 40 years old. He drove me down here and took the bus home and now I'm going home.
Emerman: "Actually, we've been watching your car all day today and you drove here by yourself this morning, you know it's illegal to use another person's disabled placard."
Oh, God, this really makes my day, la-lay la-lay la-lay! KIRO-TV you are my heroes - let's hope this grows into a groundswell of opposition that will drive these idiots into shame.


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