Friday, April 30, 2004

Salmon is Only a Crayon Color

The Bush Administration today announced under pressure a policy change where informative and lovable posters of "Sammy the Salmon" will be posted along streams and rivers that will be soon be extinct from non-hatchery raised wild fish. While the administration was reluctant to bow down to extremist environmentalists, a spokesman says that the pictures will be designed in such a way to illustrate the beauty and ruggedness of the salmon. He also added that the placards will be much more noticeable and informative than the extinct wild salmon who spent most of their time in the water. Additionally, streams and rivers where the extinct fish used to spawn will have attractive parking lots, gift shops, casinos (if on Native American land), and golf courses for the recreationer to relax while learning about the salmon that used to be. The American Forest and Paper Association was not happy with the decision, citing that this will be a precedent for all the other endangered species they wish to exterminate in silence.


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