Monday, April 26, 2004


So Earth Day was last week. I had expected The Madness of King George (TMOKG) to kinda just let it go by. I mean, what is the percentage in it for him? Let us take it as a priori that his government and policies are hitting about 100% on the anti-environment scale. Let us also take it as a given that those who are informed and care about our conserving our country know this.

What does that leave us with? I mean who are the people that will hear about TMOKG declaiming on wetlands preservation and say to themselves (as their lips move) "Hmmm...that guy really has a soft spot for ducks and stuff, he must be an environmental kinda guy." The people who would think that are so out of it anyway that they are probably a more than a tad bit in his pocket anyway. Are there people presently on the fence about TMOKG or even against TMOKG going to be swayed by this little photo-op? I just think the Venn diagram of the set of people who wish to or even have a propensity to conserve the quality of our air, water, forests, wildernesses etc. and the set of those who would vote for TMOKG consists of two circles pristine of intersection.

However, the thought occurs to me that this photo-op in Maine and Florida were purely local matters - specifically tailored for the politics of wetlands in Maine and Florida and really not intended for any national consequence. But then another thought intrudes: And a Democratic president is going to NOT protect the wetlands?

(Well, I could envision Clinton not getting around to protecting the wetlands, like so many other things he didn't quite get around to doing.)


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