Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Jehovah's Witnesses Blanket Iraq

Further adding to coalition forces woes, a swarm of Jehovah's Witnesses have descended upon the doorsteps of Iraq's downtrodden populace. Reeling from sectarian violence of Sunni and Shiite rebel factions, this latest religious sect has thrown Iraq into chaos. In contrast to the Muslim sect violence which is mostly confined to well known hotspots of conflict, this latest action is seen by many Iraqi's to be more insidious as it is so pervasive. Iraqi families are fearful of opening their doors and getting into a one sided "conversation" with a Watchtower wielding fanatic that will never leave. An Iraqi, Ahmed (not his real name), related to this reporter the following story

They looked so nice, I thought they were from the NGO down the street where we have been getting water and MRE's. I invited them in and offered them tea. I should have known something was wrong when for a split second it appeared that "tea" was deeply offensive to them - however they recovered and said "No, thank you, tell me, Have you discovered the true Jesus?" I explained that I am a muslim and I do not wish to know more about christianity. He said that his religion is a Christianity that I hadn't heard about. It went like this for hours! He kept giving me this Watchtower thing that I can't read, but may be useful for the kids to scribble on. I finally lost it and screamed "Allah Akbar! Death to the Infidel and grabbed my rifle". I didn't really want to harm him but I was at the end of my wits. I am afraid for this country if simple men like me are fearful of opening our doors!
Some fear that a society already distrustful of the knock on the door from the deposed totalitarian state will retreat into an anti-social culture where nobody can be trusted - especially those who knock on doors. Unverified reports relate that an unknown force of men in shirt sleeves and black ties riding bicycles have massed on the Iraqi border. Could this be the last straw for civil society in Iraq?


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