Thursday, April 29, 2004

It Can't Happen Here

One of the things I love to do is extrapolate from given situations. It can be pretty fun and illuminating. For instance, given that the Bush Administration likes to give the label "terrorist" to people it doesn't like (the teacher's lobby NEA (by Secretary of Education), pro choice activists (by Bush flack Karen Hughes) ) and that the case being heard in the Supreme Court about TMOKG (The Madness of King George) being able to detain (or kill as Scalia intimates, no doubt with some saliva dripping from his fangs) anybody it sees fit essentially forever (see this article by Dahlia Lathwick where she eviscerates TMOKG by choice excerpts and really drives home how incredibly important this decision could be.)

So let us have some fun and do some headline extrapolations:

May 5, 2004: Teachers of Evolution Arrested At Nation's High Schools: "We have stopped Darwin's Terrorists before they can do more harm to our nation's innocent children!"

June 7, 2004: Federal Troops Close Planned Parenthood Offices Under Patriot Act: "Abortion terrorists of unborn children are evildoers who must be cleansed out of our society!"

August 5, 2004: Offices Torched and Destroyed in a Glorious Night of Crystal: "Known terrorists Move On have treasonously resisted the leaders of our Homeland in our patriotic fight against terrorism."

September 15, 2004: Democratic Senators Placed Under House Arrest By Homeland Security: "Terrorist lawmakers have consistently led the charge against our noble cause and given comfort to the enemy."

October 23, 2004: Presidential Candidate Kerry Leading in Polls, Arrested Today: "Senator Kerry Has emerged as this nation's terrorist leader in seeking to destroy this presidency."

November 2, 2004: Precinct Leaders in Democratic Majority Precincts Arrested, Precincts Closed: "Locally known terrorist leaders have been stopped before terrorists can further destroy Homeland."


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