Thursday, March 25, 2004

We Have Always Been At War With Oceania

From the Washington Post

"If the Democratic policies had been pursued over the last two or three years, the kind of tax increases that both Kerry and [Sen. John] Edwards [D-N.C.] have talked about, we would not have had the kind of job growth we've had."

-- Vice President Cheney, in an MSNBC interview March 2, lending his perspective to the economy's loss of 2.2 million jobs over three years.
Look, the Washington Post again is being disingenuous by their little snark. Our people leading our country are thinking of the big picture. Our corporations are global deities and if we look at the where those deities have created jobs we see they have done it all around the world: China, India, Indonesia, etc. What matters most to America is corporate bottom lines. I mean corporations, their executives and their lobbyists write our legislation, they fund our campaigns, they guide our foreign policy, they run our Dept. of Interior, EPA, Labor, Agriculture, Defense; corporate welfare is our welfare - if they run into trouble, who would do these things? The American people? Is that any way to run a country? Please.

You see, the liberal media is again being quaint. They fail to realize that when Cheney says "We", they mistakenly include themselves and other Americans in that pronoun. When Cheney says "We", he never means to include the powerless. Those people have chosen a lifestyle choice to be powerless and should rightly be ignored. No, "We" means corporations and their offshore suppliers as a whole - it is really a holistic thing encompassing many countries. And when Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, was it ever in the best interests of Halliburton to think of people not even at the level to be laid off by Halliburton? So why should it matter now? And by "job growth", well, let's just say that is a euphemism for "profit growth of our campaign contributors and friends".

God, I hate it when these namby-pamby journalists can't get anything straight...


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