Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Marbury RFD

About that promise I made last month about no political posts? I said it was to keep my views away from internet search engines so prospective employers wouldn't have anything I've said here haunt me to deny me a job. (oh that, and when Bush/Ashcroft/Cheney and their brownshirts start exterminating liberals it won't be so ridiculously easy to label me as one). But mostly it was because it puts me into such a foul mood on where this country is. I first finished the previous sentence with "is heading" until I realized that we are already there. Today's reality is very bad. This presidency and the culture it is pushing will be thought of in the future on similar terms as McCarthy and Watergate.

One of the blogs I read is Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World. In a post today on gay marriage statutes and the law it says: "Bush's position flies in the face of common sense, any basic understanding of American history, and a large body of constitutional law. Maybe Bush was AWOL when they taught Marbury vs. Madison, too." Okay, Clinton I could see actually holding an opinion on Marbury vs. Madison and be able to hold forth on it for 2 hours. Here are Bushes possible reactions when asked for his opinions on Marbury vs. Madison:

  • 9-11

  • Mayberry..uh...Marsberry...uh...Saddam Hussein

  • Karl, what's my position on this?

I guess my point is that nobody on this planet regardless of their political views seriously would expect Bush to know anything about constitutional law or precedents. It just isn't important in the circles that he has travelled in and travels in now. He is not expected to know these things. And that is sad.


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