Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Jermajesty's a Pretty Nice Kid....But I gotta get a bellyful of Jesus Juice

While reading about the latest Michael Jackson hijinx, I read a quote by his brother Jermaine who said that Michael is very family oriented (or something like that). The reporter then wrote that Michael Jackson has never visited his nephew Jermajesty.

Yes, Jermaine's son is named "Jermajesty".

"Jermajesty Jackson".

The man named his child "Jermajesty".

I imagine he'll stew over the next kid's name and he will be called "Jerkmarinade".

Or in a fit of grandiosity and world domination the next one will be "Jermainyuberalles".

Or if the marriage isn't going well during the pregnancy and there is a custody battle he could end up with "Jermwarfare".

But if Jermaine goes the artificial insemination route the obvious name for the child of science and Jermaine is "Jerkoff".


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