Monday, January 19, 2004

The Thanks Department

In the course of human events, all too rarely you come across something that is really simpatico with you. It could be a movie or a book or a painting or a song that seems like it was made by you - but done so much better that all you can do is sit back and revel in the reflection of yourself that you are witnessing. Friends, I just had that moment. In this installment of the The Thanks Department I would like to heap encomiums on The Bookslut Blog. I am her biggest fan, not that I would break her legs or kidnap her or anything. I read her blog everyday and she never fails to amuse. But today I really saw that "she gets it, she really, really gets it".

The entry in question perfectly summed up a mystery that was not in any way important to me, but yet was still unresolved like a sustained 4th chord always waiting to come home but knows it never will. The mystery was "How can a show called Book TV get it so wrong?" When I am at a TV wired place and I am playing pong with the schedule channel, sometimes I come across a show called "BookNotes". Like a mirage it shimmers in the desert of Baywatch reruns and 47 football games. My mind salivates at the prospect of a well reasoned discussion on books. Without thinking I flip my pong paddle and hit the BookNote blip. And then, even though I've been Pavlov'ed enough to know better, I am disappointed. Every single goddamn time it is some goddamn nonfiction book (always always always political except when it is even worse - like Civil War history or the life and times of some boring guy.) I am always presented with the ugly sweater from your grandmother Christmas present rather than the awesome chemistry set with real, smoking potions or the Authentic Willie Mays baseball glove or the Red Ryder BB Gun. I don't know exactly what sugar plums are dancing in my head when I go to BookNotes, but they ain't a discussion of presidential eloquence.

But this isn't the Department of Rants, but the Department of Thanks. I wish to thank Bookslut for the succintly simple blog entry showing that someone, somewhere thinks like I do.


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