Monday, January 05, 2004

Happy New Year

No "poetry" in this post. I am reverting back to blogging as it is normally done. Why the poetry? I had to do an 180 degree turn from my previous bouts of blogging. This bout coincided with the time that I was at my previous job and in which I had subtle evidence that my boss had read my blog. Since he was/is of a different political persuasion I wasn't entirely sure that the views expressed in my blog had a not infinitesimal part for my being made redundant. (Parse that sentence!)

Additionally, since the "being made redundant" part also coincided with my efforts to "being made unredundant", having any blog presence out there with my name on it was not in my best interests. Yes, you have the right to free speech - but potential employers couldn't care less about it and are better off knowing only what is on your resume.

So, having learned my lessons - this new blog will not contain any political or social commentary. Those things are better done elsewhere, and in my opinion, all commentary is preaching to the choir. We read them to either say "Damn right, It's about time someone said that!" or to revel in our righteousness with "What a load of crap, this columnist is evil!" We don't change our minds when reading them. Well, I don't have or want a dog in that fight anymore.

So the poetry was a way to get past that and let some light back into my life. So on a final note in this blog entry, I'd like to leave you with a Zen koan of my own devising.

On a holiday cruise party at the last company I worked for, one of the venture capitalists who had grown enormously rich (by the standards of someone with $500 in the bank) was playing the piano and singing. One of the songs that he got into the most was Woody Guthrie's "This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land". Put that into your Zen pipe and smoke it!


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